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About Us.

Fairfax Cyber Enterprises was founded as a general partnership by the two founders in the summer of 2020, a month later the company was incorporated as an LLC. The goal of Fairfax Cyber Enterprises has always been to lower the barriers to entry to cyber security. We see this as a growing need, indicated by the growth of the importance of the internet (in all aspects of life). Of course, the increasing importance of the internet leads to important questions surrounding cyber security, which is where we aim to provide our products and services. 


Our Focus

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.


We continuously strive to provide high qualities products at affordable prices.

Made for you

Our products are customizable such that our clients can use them in the way that they see fit.


Central to our company is increasing the accessibility to cyber security.


Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team seeks to develop tools that keep you and your stakeholders safe while lowering cybersecurity’s barriers to entry.
Nathaneil Lovgren
Nathaniel Lovgren

Founder & Product Manager

Product Manager Nathan Lovgren is responsible for the development, production, and maintenance of our products. Nathan continues to constantly improve all aspects of the product lifecycle from the creation of ideas to maintaining and decommissioning products. Nathan will graduate from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security. After learning about the tools used by professionals in the cyber security industry, Nathan became interested in making those tools more user-friendly. Starting with BlueRidge, Fairfax Cyber Enterprises will continue to develop tools to make cyber security more accessible to everyone.

Pieter Schermers
Pieter Schermers

Founder & Operations Manager

Operations Manager Pieter Schermers works to develop and streamline the production process while also maintaining the internal structure of the company. Pieter also develops and evaluates businesses processes within the company to ensure their efficacy and effectiveness. In addition to pursuing a Governance, Economics, and Development degree from the Leiden University Honors College, Pieter holds an active interest in world politics and economics. While developing the company’s structure Pieter is also in the process of registering the company in the Netherlands in order to service customers in both the Netherlands and the EU as a whole.


Why select us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Flexibility and Adaptability

As a young company, situated in several geographic areas, we have become a very flexible and adaptable company, able to overcome many obstacles. We aim to provide the same flexibility and adaptability to our clients, both in terms of products and support.


Despite being a young company we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. Through constant analysis and consideration, we always aim to improve our products and our company as a whole. 


Our interdisciplinary team takes the highest standards with regard to your orders and information. Furthermore, our products are designed with personal privacy foremost in mind.

Strict Deadline

We understand that our clients are busy people and thus we aim to ship our products within 3 business days. Further, our goal is to respond to support questions within 24 hours (see FAQ). 

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10306 Eaton Pl Suite 300, Fairfax, Virginia

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